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tv   New Day Sunday  CNN  March 1, 2015 4:00am-5:01am PST

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we have live pictures here from nasa as the astronauts, it looks they are beginning to start this space walk. we will bring the space walk to you, more of it, as it continues. >> best of luck to them. thank you so much for sharing part of your morning bus. >> we have much more ahead on the next hour of your "new day." it starts right now. this is cnn breaking news. breaking news in moscow. we want you to take a look here at live pictures. this is what is happening in the center of moscow right now. thousands of people rallying and marching in memory of boris nemtsov and just in the last hour, we can see how the numbers of people have been building. >> yeah. many thousands here expected his call was for 100,000 and not sure if that number will show you up tens of thousands expected. the former russian deputy prime minister was a fierce and outspoken critic of vladimir putin and gunned down late friday as he walked home from
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dinner. there is still a manhunt for his killer. >> as you continue to look at these pictures, i'm seeing reports there are organizers district posters with his pictures and they are carrying signs with slogans that read he was fighting for a free russia and those shots were in each of us, but we nor they are going to march from the center where they are in moscow to the site where he was gunned down. 55-year-old died there on the street as he was walking and there is already a huge memorial that has built up at that site. flowers and condolence letters as well. but we can really see how this -- they are expecting 50,000 people but his last radio interview, he called on them to join the first anti-war rally and it's become a march for him. he said in that regular interview, our march can sober the kremlin up. if a hundred thousand people come out and it could turn the kremlin around, it would be an
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absolute shock for them. we have had reports today that from our own matthew chance who was spoken to people there where he died and people are visiting that site who said, i wasn't going to be part of this rally, this anti-war rally that was planned, but now that he is dead, it has really brought my attention to this cause and it's almost sad to think that his death may be what brings more people out to fight the battle that he was fighting. >> we will have to see if this will, indeed, embolden the opposition or intimidate the opposition. some have said this is an absolutely new situation. there have been reports that opposition leaders, if, indeed, this is politically motivated, opposition leaders who have been arrested, who have been harassed, but now that one of them has been shot dead this turns a page in the history of opposition. marchers today will go from the center of the city to the spot where nemtsov was gunned down on a bridge near the kremlin.
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as we said, he was supposed to lead this. of course, now this has been a march for him. we also have new surveillance video of the moment he was shot. it's hard to see, but follow the circles and the arrows. you can make out nemtsov and a companion walking. a snowplow, big truck comes along the street and moves in front of them. you see someone running to what may be the get-away car. it stops and then takes off. a key witness in the case, maybe this woman. she is 23-year-old anna duritskaya and was nemtsov when he was shot. >> do we have frederik pleitgen in moscow? >> i think he's on the phone with us. >> fred, go ahead. >> reporter: yeah, absolutely. and we are going to talk a little bit more about the investigation. there are actually new facts that have come out. you remember we were talking earlier about how the police had thought they had identified a get-away car which was actually actually seen on surveillance video driving away and, later, they had apparently found that car on a parking lot somewhere
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in moscow. the police is now saying through various russian media outlets that, in fact, the car they found, they now believe is not related to the shooting of boris nemtsov. they say they checked the owner of that car and it urns turns out the owner had nothing to do with it. going back to that surveillance video that we were seeing there of the moment when boris nemtsov was gunned down, it certainly disspells another theory the police had. that was a car stopped next to nemtsov and fire had been opened from that car on nemtsov and that then the car had sped away. it does appear now possibly as though someone might have been hiding on that bridge and then waiting for nemtsov and waiting for him to pass there and opening fire on them. the interesting thing about that bridge is that there are several sort of staircases you can go up on the side of the bridge to then be there and be able to wait. certainly there is some new information that is coming out.
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but, of course, as you guys said, the main key witness at this point is annaduritskaya, the model from ukraine. she is being questioned by police. they believe she is somewhere in an apartment here in moscow and, of course, still very much cooperating with the investigation. >> we will break down more of that video with former deputy fbi director in a moment. fred, tell us, you've attended more than a few of these opposition rallies there at moscow. how does this, in attendance,it relates to the attendance, compare to others? and will this reach that number of 100,000 that net sof reached f -- nemtsov reached for? >> reporter: i doubt it will reach that. there were some large ones around the year 2010 with many in opposition.
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since then it has been marginalized. look at people like, for instance boris nemtsov and he was marginalized at this point in time vladimir putin is immensely popular here in this country. one of the phenomenon we have been talking about the last couple of weeks vladimir putin appears to become more popular among the russian population, the more international sanctions are levied against russia and russia appears to become involved in for instance ukraine. his policies are very much in favor here. his recent approval rating was 88%. it's not about putin as it is about mourning of boris nemtsov. can you see that by the crowds that are gathering.
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almost nothing in the way of signs that people are carrying. there's more russian flags that people are carrying and flowers people are carrying, so this is very much a march that can display sadness and outrage over what happened and much less at this point, at least on the face of it, criticizing vladimir putin. >> frederik pleitgen is joining us from moscow on the phone attending this rally and covering it there in moscow after the death of boris nemtsov. thank you, fred. let's go to cnn senior international correspondent matthew chance. he is live at the site where nemtsov was killed and where this rally will end, come to an end. matthew, i know that you've been talking to people there. what have they been telling you about whether they are going to attend and why they will not attend this rally? >> reporter: we are at this site right now. it's the scene where boris nemtsov was actually gunned
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down. you mentioned as well the rally is going to pass by us here. there is extremely tight security along the route and a lot of police have been deployed along the path of this mourning march is going to take. you know, i have spoken to a lot of people since i've been here. i've been here since last night watching a steady stream of people pay their respects, lay these flowers and enormous flowers lying all along this bridge and along with personal messages as wellsh. it's interesting. because boris nemtsov was a fringe politician and because he was an opposition figure, he didn't get much attention in the country. obviously, in his death, people are reconsidering their few of opposition politics in russia, potentially at least. we will see how many turn out for this rally and get a better gauge of their opinion. boris nemtsov talked a lot about how brutal russia is and opposed to the conflict in ukraine and wanted the economy to be looked
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at and improved upon. not issues have been taken very seriously by the political majority in this country, but in his death, people are looking at that again. you see some of the personal messages that have been put out here photographs of boris nemtsov. here is one of them which i'm picking up in russian that says thank you for your example of honesty and courage. and so, you know, all of these things that boris nemtsov talked about in life, i think perhaps only now are being considered by a wider audience in russia now that he has been killed. >> matthew, is there a helicopter over you? i feel like we can hear something. i'm wondering what kind of coverage this is getting in russ russia. >> reporter: yeah. there is a helicopter above us here. there is a police helicopter here. i don't know whether -- we can't see. apparently it's not in our view of the camera. yeah, there is a police helicopter hovering above where the rally is taking place. the rally is not come to this
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point yet. but will be following this route right around us here. i'm hearing from my colleagues that state television is not broadcasting this march as yet and that might change as the rally continues. people want to see this on television or having to tune in to cnn or one of the international broadcasts here. there's a lot of police here. a huge police presence. they say to provide security to this crowd but they clearly sealed off this very closely guarded center of moscow to make sure this rally can go ahead. it is interesting. because it is just a short distance from the kremlin. this is where the killings took place. it's astonishing all around me. we saw that video of the scene of a camera which apparently depicted the actual moment when boris nemtsov was killed. all around along these walls here, the walls of the kremlin, there is security cameras pointing in this direction. it's interesting.
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i'd be very surprised there weren't more video and perhaps had more moments about the time when boris nemtsov was killed but it hasn't emerged. >> he did bring up something a lot of us have been wondering about. surely there has got to be other angles of video surveillance there. we will see, as he said, if they emerge. >> that from russian tv but there are cameras all around the kremlin there. we have got some information about what those have captured. for many in russia, the murder of boris nemtsov, it sends a firm message. criticize the clkremlin and thi will be your ferrate. cnn a has no reports of that but how many people believe and how they are receiving it. how critical was the opposition leader of vladimir putin? last year, he spoke to cnn's anthony bourdain. the footage you're about to see is a footage of an interview
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previously aired on cnn but this segment never made the final cut. nemtsov talks about what it's like to live in the shadow of the kremlin and the consequence for the rest of the world. >> first of all, tony, putin not your problem but problem of the russian people. it's real strange. the western governments and russian people will be very much curious will putin because they have their own problems, in europe, syrian problem and iran problem and problem in the states. american budget deficit. health care, et cetera, right? that's why every nation, especially big nations are involved in their domestic deals. it's a fierce point. second, people outside the country are not interested in corruption inside russia because this is russian money. you know, russian people own
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this money, not american. that is why american administration must be interrupted in corruption inside russia. then it's about security like you mentioned. well, problem is that general -- general security problem for russian people and for the rest of the world is that we build very unstable and very unpredictable system. system when everything depends on one person is very unstable. let's imagine that, for example, putin break his -- what happened with this country? nuclear power. remember the united nation. what happened to this country? that's why this is very unstable
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and unpredictable country. >> we will continue to have the conversation about the implications of the murder of boris nemtsov throughout the morning. but another big story happening this weekend, right now, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is en route to the u.s. coming up, hear what he has to say about his historic visit to washington. plus, venezuelan president maduro say several americans have been arrested in his country and they are accused of espionage. we will have the new details from overnight. astronauts at the international space station are walking on this space walk. we have got live pictures here from the iss. we will take you there live with more details in a moment. >> on the two splitting up now? >> inadvertent kick floats are applied. for the first time american kids are slated to live a shorter life span than their parents. it's a problem that we can turn around and change.
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beginning a space walk outside the international space station. live pictures here for you. the team of two working to fit the space station with parts that will allow private commercial spacecraft to dock. >> earlier space walk was cut short because one of the astronauts had water inside his helmet and experts at nasa say it's a known issue and astronaut safety was not in jeopardy and they are fine. today's space walk is expected to last six and a half hours. best of luck to them. >> absolutely. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is on a plane heading to the u.s. right now. before boarding the plane this morning while on the tarmac, netanyahu said i will be the messager of all of people of israeli including those that agree with me and who don't agree with me. erin mcpike, this country is surrounded by controversy. >> reporter: that's right,
4:19 am
victor. netanyahu was scheduled to land here at 5:00 today and that will kick off several days of a very controversial visit after several weeks of very heated buildup. as israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu heads to the united states for a controversial visit, there are signs he may be trying to tone down the angry rhetoric between him and the obama administration. during a visit to the western wall before leaving, he said he actually respects president obama and in a statement, he said, quote, i believe in the strengths of the relationship between israel and the u.s. and in their strength to overcome differences of opinion. those that have been and those that will yet be. from the white house, a similar sentiment the day before. >> even the prime minister himself has said that the level security cooperation between the netanyahu administration and the obama administration is unprecedented. >> reporter: mr. netanyahu sparked a controversy when he and house speaker john boehner went around the white house and
4:20 am
arranged a visit and speech on capitol hill without consulting anyone in the state department or the administration. in an open effort to derail u.s.-led nuclear negotiations with iran. that move was seen as a breach of etiquette and open sign of the deteriorating relationship with america's closest ally in the middle east. the tuesday speech has angered democrats who accuse netanyahu of driving a wedge into u.s. foreign policy. >> to have the prime minister to contradict exactly what the president, in very sensitive negotiations is trying to do, and that is trying to guarantee that iran does not have nuclear weapons. >> reporter: illinois congress woman says she and other democrats will boycott the speech. >> the most prevalent sentiment is that they do resent the fact that john boehner, without consulting with the white house and without talking to nancy pelosi, has turned this most prestigious venue in the entire
4:21 am
world into a political setting. >> reporter: the israeli leader will also speak to a conference hosted by the american pro israeli group aipac on monday morning before u.s. bread to the u.n. samantha power offers her remarks. it may spike the clash as they look over negotiations with iran but some foreign policiers say the u.s./israeli relationship is too much to let wither. >> unlike lehman brothers this is too big to fail. >> reporter: now, netanyahu's election is march 17th. the white house continues to maintain that it will not meet with or host world leaders within two weeks of their elections, so the white house isn't seen to be tipping the scales in any kind of way. victor? >> very important few days. erin mcpike at the white house, thank you. the fierce debate is all-time high to netanyahu's
4:22 am
address to congress. we wanted to get more unless in this intense u.s. military relationship. an adviser that served for arab for six presidents of the united states and at the woodrow international center for scholars. good morning. >> good morning. >> thank you so much. i'm getting some information here that cnn has obtained about the prime minister's speech on tuesday. it looks like it's going to run about 30 to 40 minutes. and says that the prime minister will be very respectful of the president and the white house, we are told. when we first heard about this, you know, it seemed as though the white house essentially felt that netanyahu and representative boehner had plotted behind president obama's back to bring him here. but this is really about much more than a snub, isn't it? >> it is. i mean, it's the intersection of differences over policy between
4:23 am
the president and the prime minister, and to some degree, it's a clash of personalities as well. you have a kind of perfect storm. the end game on iran is coming, which is of great sensitivity to the obama administration, and of each more sensitivity to the israelis. you've got a republican-controlled congress for the first time in the obama administration eager to put its own stamp on foreign policy and to separate itself from the president. then you have israeli elections that are less twon wee weeks aw. you got a perfect storm that has broke and brought out the worst in the israeli government and the obama administration. >> you know, some of this new information we are just getting to regarding this speech is an official saying netanyahu wants to departisan the issue of his address to congress. do you think that's possible? >> i mean, it is over the long term but a lot of broken crockery that is going to need to be repaired.
4:24 am
i mean,, you know, when you look on tuesday, you will not see joe biden sitting in the back of the prime minister. you're going to probably see three dozen representatives and four or five senators who won't attend. you have sort of -- not a sort of. you have a cold shoulder from the white house. i think the most dangerous aspect of this and i don't think it's fatal but it is dangerous, is that what has been deemed traditionally bipartisan ds and rs and support of a strong united states/israeli relationship has not fractured. what erin mcpike suggested that both have a mistake of putting this back in the box. the final point is benjamin netanyahu was re-elected on march 17th and he may well be, take the same personality and policy, differences are going to remain with this president. so you're going to have 20 months, i hope not, but i suspect of a continuing soap opera between these two, as we
4:25 am
have seen since 2009. >> we appreciate your insight on this. thank you for being with us. >> terrific. thank you. >> thank you. live pictures of the other big story of the week. moscow, marchers, thousands of them, taking to the streets to protest the murder of one of russia's most prominent opposition leaders as the hunt for his killer continues. live coverage when we continue in a moment. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition in charge™. [ moare transportedcts on container ships. before a truck delivers it to your store, a container ship delivered it to that truck. here in san diego, we're building the first one ever to run on natural gas. ships this big, running this clean, will be much better for the environment.
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look at that crowd that has congregated in the heart of the city in the russian capital here. we have been seeing a number of people turning out there increase by the minute as our cameras have been stationed here all through the night really. but just in the last hour and a half or so, this crowd has really increased as they pay tribute to boris nemtsov that was shot and killed two days ago on a bridge not far from where this rally is taking place. in fact, the rally is going to be moving from this center of moscow and passing right by the place where he died. >> frederik pleitgen is joining us by phone in moscow. how does this compare to other opposition rallies that have convened here? i know this is a memorial march now but have the crowds been this large? >> they certainly haven't been. this is, by far, the largest
4:30 am
rally that the opposition would have been able to garner the past couple of years. certainly if you look at the recent times, and especially since the conflict over ukraine has kicked off with russia very much at odds, of course with the west, the message the opposition has been sending so far hasn't found very much resonance with the population in russia. putin has 86%. the rally is going along the banks of the moscow river right now. as you can see there, it's one that doesn't have very many political messages it seems in this sort of signs that are being held up, but a lot of russian flags to really indicate that the death of boris nemtsov is something that not only would have shocked the opposition, but would have shocked all of russian society and that certainly is the gist we are getting. those other flags, by the way,
4:31 am
you are seeing, the orange flags and white flags, those are from the political organization that boris nemtsov was a part of, the orange with one is his solidarity movement and the white one is the political party, the freedom for the peoples party that he was a part of. he was a liberal politician. victor, you're absolutely right. this is, by far, a larger rally than the opposition would have managed to get together if boris nemtsov would still have been alive. if he were still alive, this would have been a rally the main feel at which would have been the opposition to russia's policies inside ukraine. boris nemtsov was one that said there was clear evidence that russia is operating inside ukraine and that something that is very unpopular with many people here in russia and made him very unpopular with the kremlin and that also is something, a message that certainly would have gotten a lot less resonance than the
4:32 am
crowd you're seeing right now. >> fred, i understand you've got new details into the investigation of his death for us? >> reporter: absolutely. there is new details that have been coming in really only a couple of minutes ago. one of the things, of course, that we had heard yesterday from russian media as well as from investigators is that they had believed that they had found a vehicle that might have been involved in the killing of boris nemtsov. talking about a white vehicle they identified on surveillance cameras that are all around the center of moscow. later, that vehicle was seen in a parking lot also here in moscow. it was then, however, investigated and the police are now saying -- we are getting this again from various russian media outlets -- is now saying they believe that vehicle is not connected to what happens to boris nemtsov. they say they checked out the driver and the license plate comes from a caucus region from another region that is actually one that does have a lot of unrest as well, but they say it's not connected to what happened here. then, of course there is that new surveillance video that we
4:33 am
have been seeing also which shows the moment that boris nemtsov was gunned down and that also speaks to dispel the notion out there a car stopped in front of him and a female companion he was with that someone shot out of the car and sped away. it seems that someone might have been waiting on that bridge and then gunned him down and then jumped into that get-away car. that certainly seems to be more likely now. the demonstration, by the way, this morning march now is only about, i'm going to say, about 400 to 500 yards away from that bridge where all of that happened so certainly a very emotional moment for the people walking in this march when they get there in, i would say, about 15, 20 minutes time. >> frederik pleitgen, we so appreciate the information you're getting there from russia. thank you. joining us on the phone now is a former british ambassador to russia tony brenton.
4:34 am
he's on the phone with bus. first, president obama has called for -- i want to get exact here. a prompt and partial and transparent investigation of nemtsov's murder. what, sir, do you believe is the value for the world, for other countries to getting to the bottom of who, indeed, killed this opposition leader? >> west for the world, of course, looking on, it's a test of russian justice in a way, and there is a question, which a lot of people are asking whether the kremlin itself is responsible for the murder. i think that -- saying they created the -- >> we seem to be having --." point of view. >> continue. it's cleared up. go ahead, sir. >> hello? >> we had a problem, but continue. >> for the kremlin interview, from at kremlin's point of view, they know that they are being watched very carefully on this.
4:35 am
they are being accused in some quarters and they will be very keen, therefore, to bring some -- for the murder and i suspect will move quite quickly to that. they have quite a good record actually of catching hit men, but they have a much worse record of catching those who paid the hit man. getting to the bottom of this horrible crime maybe a long way off. >> i do believe that they have lost him. but if he can still hear us, sir tony brenton, thank you so much for being with us. we appreciate your time. we will take a break. have more for you as we talk to tom fuentes after the break. also a new released video in to cnn. this is the first we have seen of those three missing school girls accused of running away from home to join isis in the middle east. we have some details for you after this. despite what people said,. she bought me a sewing machine and she let me play with dolls
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take a look what is happening in the center of moscow right now. 50,000 people expected for this rally. it had been a rally against the putin regime and the economy in russia that had been planned and has now turned into a memorial march to honor boris nemtsov who was murdered on the street there on friday night. i want to bring in cnn law enforcement analyst tom fuentes to talk about the investigation into nemtsov's death. thank you, tom, for being with us. i want to ask you a question. about the investigation and the credence of it, because so many people talk about how many enemies he had.
4:40 am
how much credence do you put in the government's investigation into who killed this man? >> well, i think, christi, it would be a difficult investigation, as your previous guest said, they may be able to track down who pulled the trigger and shot him dead. finding who hired that person or persons will be another matter and something that they are not traditionally used to doing or announcing. i think that hired killers in moscow are a dime a dozen, whether it's government assassins or organized crime assassins or business rival assassins, happens all the time so it's not a big deal there to have that happen. but for the investigation, in a way, putin doesn't gain a lot by this, because as you see the size of the crowd on the street currently protesting, nowhere near that crowd would have shown up if nemtsov was conducting the rally as he was supposed to. as far as him about to release
4:41 am
information that russia is responsible for invading the ukraine, big deal. the russian love that. they love that about putin. he is restoring them to the glory days of old where russia stood toe-to-toe. putin is responsible for returning crime -- the world. so none of what has been -- going -- so the idea that a rival might have done it -- >> i want to -- the only surveillance video that we have seen of what happened to nemtsov because there is something that we were watching this morning. we just -- here. and you're going to see a person who they believe now was laying in the street somewhere near there to jump out, shoot him in
4:42 am
the back several times, and then run into that car. now, just ahead of that, we saw a snowplow. a snowplow was there precisely at the right time to hide the killing itself. you do not see him being shot. it happens behind the >> the idea they would know where that introduce is to create a security clip i think that is a little unlikely no matter how great the planning was to do the hid. secondly, without the plow, if you had seen the bullets coming out of the gun, the flash of the muzzle when he pulled the trigger, i don't think that would have helped that much. it's a fuzzy surveillance. even enhanced. it's not going to probably give you anywhere near enough detail
4:43 am
to identify the shooter or shooters in this case. >> we know that a 23-year-old ukrainian model anna duritskaya is with him and she is a key witness and she is cooperating, we understand. what is the plausibility of securing any other witnesses that may have saw this? >> i don't know how many other witnesses out there during the time of the event. looks like not many on the sidewalk. it was late in the evening. we don't know what she is going to say or what is behind this so that will be interesting what kind of an interview or description of the shooter she gives. but, again, it's wintertime. the shooter probably had a cap or even maybe a ski mask type outfit on where it might not be possible even if she saw the shooter to be able to give an adequate description to track the shooter down. >> real quickly, vladimir putin sent a letter to nemtsov's mother where he said everything will be done to have the
4:44 am
organizers and executioners of the violence of the murder punished. please accept my condolences on your loss. i share the grief that has befallen you. do you find it odd that he would send a letter to the family of someone who opposed his regime to highly and publicly? >> no. i don't find it that odd. especially if he is trying to say he had nothing to do with it and he might not of. there are a lot of extreme right wing supporters of putin in the country who may have hated nemtsov for criticizing the regime and putin. so it is possible or plausible that others shot and killed him that weren't ordered by putin and that putin didn't mean it. as i said, putin had no fear of nemtsov. he posed no real threat, political or otherwise, nor does barack obama, nor does the united nations. no one poses a threat. and the more we put stringent sanctions economically on the
4:45 am
russian federation and the worse their economy gets, between that and the falling oil prices in the world, that only causes the russian people to love him more and hate us more. they are blaming everything that is going bad in russia on the u.s. and our meddling in theaffs and the more it happens the more they love putin and they more they want him to be a strong man and take on the world. i just don't see that is a strong connection. >> all righty. such an interesting dynamic. tom fuentes, always appreciate your insight. thank you, sir. >> thank you, christi. >> the biggest aviation mystery coming up in history. flight 370 vanishes from the sky without a trace. can you believe it's been almost a year and still no one knows what happened. up next, where the search stands and whether we will ever really know what happened on board.
4:46 am
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i guarantee it. welcome to the nascar xfinity series. it may be hard to believe, but it's been almost a year since malaysia airlines 370 van issued from the sky. the flight was headed to beijing after taking off with lumpur. in all 239 people were on board. today, families of the victims are coming together to remember their loved ones. these are pictures from a prayer vigil in malaysia. let's bring in the author of malaysia airlines 370, and we
4:50 am
are joined by cnn aviation analyst and former inspector general of the united states department of transportation, mary scaiavo. david, a read a piece "the guardian" this weekend. one had her partner philip wood who what when we checked in a few months ago this was in full gear. >> it is. there's 18,000 square miles still to search. they searched 9,000 very diligently. this is the highest priority area, that's the highest probability area. i can empathize with sarah's feelings in that it seems as though it's just too little too late right now and that no one's lost -- and that people have lost interest. >> mary, is there any indication based on your investigation of past tragedies that the passage of time makes it more difficult
4:51 am
to find flight 370 or to find out what happened? >> well, unfortunately, it does. you know, the longer you wait on any evidence, of course in the job that i do now, it's my job to take the evidence of plane crashes all the way through to court, and i have to be able to prove things that happened. the passage of time is very eroding to all kinds of evidence, particularly an air crash where you really need to get there very quickly. i think probably the most crucial delay and most damaging delay were those four days right after the plane went missing when the malaysian military was telling us a different story literally every hour and different points where they said they had picked it up and then four days later after searching in the south china sea said that it wasn't there, had gone up and around kuala lumpur. those were the days when the plane may have been lost forever. >> quickly before we go back to david, you mentioned court. does the passage of time free anyone of liability at any point? >> well, at some point it does, yes. at the two-year mark there's a
4:52 am
treat at this called the montreal treaty, and at two years people have to have filed suit before the passage of that two-year mark against the carrier. now there are other components and other entities that could possibly depending on the evidence could possibly be sued such ago boeing or persons who put cargo on the plane that shouldn't have been on the plane, et cetera. at the two-year mark, that's the big hallmark for aviation law. you must do something by that mark usually. >> we're halfway to that point. >> we are. >> not as much as a seat belt discovered as part of this disappearance. david, back to you. all kinds of theories have surfaced since 370 disappeared almost a year now. some experts say it was mechanical error that triggered a mid-air disaster, others say it was something more sinister. you have written the book on mh-370. of the information that's come out and been analyzed recently, is there a working theory now?
4:53 am
>> there really isn't until something is found. i've done a probability analysis as i would on any aircraft accident investigation and search, and there's only about 125 facts, which is not enough to make the good conclusive answer to give any answers to these families and loved ones. it's just horrific to think that they've been waiting a whole year as in air france 470, they waited two years to find the answers. >> of course, everyone's hoping that they at least get some answer as we talked about for the seven weeks that we covered this continuously, there is no real such thing as closure, but at least you get some answers and what you do with that can help you move forward. david soucie, mary sciavo, thank you both. >> thank you. make sure to tune in on tuesday, 9:00 p.m. eastern for a cnn special record, "vanished, the mystery of malaysia airlines flight 370." want be to show you the pictures of what's happening right now in moscow.
4:54 am
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4:58 am
bill weir takes us to an island nation where you can get extremely coast to a live volcano. >> take a look. >> behold, mount yassar, one of the world's most accessible live volcanos anywhere in the world. >> the whole town routine is based around the daily and nightly eruptions walking up here to the heavens. >> it's so surreal to come out of this lush, thick green juggle and then find a moon scape. as you get closer, hear these
4:59 am
percussant booms and then stand here. >> we're sitting behind a desk. >> yes. that is amazing. we've got bill with us. bill, i remember i was talking to christi, we heard bill weir is coming to cnn. you came here. you interviewed mayor ford in toronto and then we didn't see you for a year. >> i know, what happened. >> you've been at these beautiful locals around the world. tell us about this. >> well, you know, victor, it started with a question, a grand question. i looked at my kid and realized she's going to turn my age in 2050 so i wonder if there will still be tigers in the wild, how many species will still be in the galapagos. will the jordan river and dead sea have dried up completely? they're disappearing at alarming rates. it was an excuse to check off my bucket list and go around. the question for this hour is i wonder if there's still a hawaii
5:00 am
without hotels around there? beautiful island paradises on the brink of changes, and for one reason this is such an undiscovered gem is the folks that live under that volcano worship it as a living god. they don't want tourists troubling up there. it's a real interesting study in a place that is so pristine and so pure. they're arguing with themselves whether it's a good idea to join the rest of the modern world. >> it's shot beautifully, bill. looking forward to "the wonder list." >> so much so. welcome back. >> thank you. it's good to be back. >> thanks, bill. >> "the wonder list" premiers tonight at 10:00 a.m. eastern. the next hour of your "new day" continues right now. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. >> breaking news in moscow. take a look at this live picture


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